The Signature Process


Signature Post & Beam, Inc. can design a home based upon your personal tastes, lifestyle and budget.  Our design staff will take the time to understand who you are and what you would like in your home.  We strive to design a home that will blend gracefully into its environment and at the same time bring that natural beauty into your timber frame home.  

Our design work begins with a series of sketches until we create a design that fulfills your needs. 

From the sketch phase, we draw the plans on CAD and will produce the construction plans for the entire home.    


We are very happy to look at plans that you have drawn or had an architect draw for you.  In order for us to provide an estimate for the timber frame and enclosure, there are a few basic items that we need in the design.

  1. We will need to have a design that has full dimensions on the floor plan.
  2. Dimensions for all exterior measurements and all interior dimensions.
  3. Full exterior elevation drawings to include wall height, roof pitch, window and door dimensions and locations. 
  4. Wood species.
  5. Post locations.
  6. Interior finish for ceilings and walls (i.e. dry wall or tongue and groove boards).

The elevation and floor plan (above) are not adequate for a timber frame estimate.   This is a great starting point, but more information is required.  

The elevation and floor plan (above) are adequate for us to provide you with an estimate. 

Establishing Your Budget

When you are in the planning phase of your new timber frame home there are several decisions that you will make which can have a direct impact on your budget.  We will be happy to discuss these decisions with you in detail so that you fully understand all of your choices. 

Some of these decisions to be considered are:

Timber Frame Style
Simple vs complex design of roofline
Hybrid vs full timber frame
Knee wall vs full second stories
Single story vs multiple stories 

Wood Species & Type
Freshly harvested timber vs reclaimed timber
Moisture content
Species of wood 

Frame Design
Simple vs complex frame styles 

Enclosure Method
SIPS vs. Wrap & Strap

Other Associated Factors Outside Of The Timber Frame Process
Use of architect
Local building labor
Land cost
Infrastructure improvements
Degree of interior finishing
Type of HVAC, plumbing, and electric
Site work

Signature Post & Beam