Timber Frame Options

Signature Post & Beam, Inc.  designs timber frames using the traditional joinery of the Old World craftsmen but with the contemporary efficiencies and accuracies only found with a computerized milling and joinery machine.  Unless specifically requested, we do not use metal bolts and plates on our frames but only traditional joinery  for our connections  Many advantages exist by cutting a frame using a milling and joinery machine versus cutting the frame by hand.  We can cut a frame in a fraction of the time, using less labor for handling, while having more precision and refined joinery which all equate to a more affordable and beautiful frame.

We offer all of our customers many options to enhance their timber frames, such as the addition of gunstocks, chamfered edges, pendants, curved corner braces, alternating species of wood pegs or timber frame members, etc.  Many artistic features can be added to your frame to make it unique to you and your family. 

The species of wood are as varied as the styles of frames.   An example of some of the species we work with are Douglas Fir, Eastern White Pine, White Fir, Larch and Cypress just to name a few. We also work with reclaimed timbers from the industrial forest.

Hybrid Timber Frames

Besides designing and cutting a pure and traditional timber frame structure, we also can design a hybrid timber frame.  A hybrid timber frame is a mixture of conventional stick built framing and timber framing. If budget considerations are important, this is a great design strategy. 

Timber Frame Trusses

Signature Post & Beam, Inc. can design and cut custom trusses for residential and commercial uses also.  These trusses can be incorporated into your conventional construction to authentically give any room timber frame allure and style.  Many truss designs are available and we would be happy to discuss your custom designed truss with you.

Timber Frame Entries & Accents

This is a timeless way to say "Welcome Home"...

Signature Post & Beam, Inc. will design and cut your custom timber frame entry for your home or commercial project.  It is a great way to add distinction and beauty to your entryway or eves with a very traditional look. We can also design and build sunrooms, screen porches, pergolas, and gazebos. 

Tung Oil Application

As an added service to our customers, we offer tung oil application to your frame at our shop.  Tung oil is a natural product that seals and provides a finished protective coat to the wood. (This service is provided at an additional cost.)    

Frame Raising

Signature Post and Beam, Inc. fabricates and ships frames all over the United States. We are a small enough company to be flexible to meet our customer's needs. We can either raise the frame for you or we can work in a supervisory capacity for your own crew to raise the frame. We provide recommendations for the necessary tools and size/experience of your crew in order to have a successful raising.  (This is an option, thus not included in the fabrication of the frame estimate.)

Small Cabins & Lodges

No job is too small for Signature Post & Beam, Inc.  Let us custom design a small cabin or lodge for your special place.  Many of our smaller cabins are designed for you to build yourself, if you like. 

Enclosures for your timber frame

You have several choices for enclosing your timber frame.  One method is the SIP or Structurally Insulated Panels.  SIPs are shipped to your job site and erected around your frame by a SIP installation crew.  SIPs are an excellent way to achieve energy efficiency and to enclose your home quickly.

Another excellent method is the Wrap and Strap method.  Like the SIP it's an excellent way to gain energy efficiency for your timber frame.  Conceptually, the Wrap and Strap is like a SIP as it surrounds your home in an envelope of foam but it is built on site and not in a factory. 

Each enclosure method has its own unique set of advantages and we will be happy to discuss these points with you.  Please ask about the costs associated with each of these enclosure methods.  We also have educational information available for your General Contractor to understand these enclosure methods. 

Ready To Install Wall Panels:

Ready to Install Wall Panel System (RTI) is another option to consider when enclosing your timber frame or building a hybrid timber frame. Our 2x6 wall panels allow for many types of insulation, such as spray in foam , fiberglass, wool, or other types of insulation to achieve a high R value and tight envelope, yet flexible enough to allow for easy electrical placement. Since our wall panels are prefabricated by our equipment in a controlled environment the walls are assured to be square, and built to the designed plans. All doors and window openings are cut into the wall sheeting at our factory based upon your building plans. When your timber frame is raised it can be enclosed quickly, and precisely in a timely manner.

• Created in a controlled environment
• GREEN...Waste is minimized in the field and materials are used efficiently
• GREEN...High R value and compatible with many types of insulation including natural forms
• Less Risk... raw building materials are not left exposed to various perils on the job site

Wool Insulation

Insulating your home properly will reduce heat loss and cut your heating bills. Sheep's wool is nature's most effective insulator, and here are five of its key benefits…

1. It's eco-friendly
Sheep's wool is made from 100% pure wool and is the environmentally friendly, green way to insulate. It is a sustainable and renewable resource, reducing your carbon footprint.

2. It saves you money
Sheep wool and other energy-efficient products are a great long-term investment because green buildings make increasingly good economic sense. Numerous research firms have found clear links between green buildings and their market value. So "Going Green" doesn't just save you money by reducing your heating bills and cutting the running costs of your home. It also increases your energy rating and adds value to your property.

3. It's efficient
Sheep's wool is very energy-efficient compared with other insulation materials on the market. The wool insulation acts as a buffer between the cold damp weather outside and the warm dry environment inside your home. As wool is breathable, it absorbs moisture to keep you house warm during winter, and releases moisture in summer to keep your house cool.

4. It's safe
Unlike many other insulation products, sheep's wool is totally safe and allergy-free. It is not irritating or itchy to the skin, eyes or respiratory system. It does not support combustion and will extinguish itself in the event of a fire.

5. It's easy to install
Because the wool is natural, it is safe to handle and does not require special equipment or safety clothing. The insulation fits around shapes and joists easily and comes in a variety of product types and sizes. You can fit it anywhere – from external or internal walls, under timber or concrete floors to the attic/loft or between the rafters. If you want to make existing attic/loft insulation more effective, you can roll it over the existing insulation rather than having to remove it. (This can also be safer than removing hazardous material.)



The styles and designs of your timber frame are endless.  Many timber frame styles can be mixed in the same structure to provide each part of the house with a unique identity.  Below are just a few of the timber frame styles that we can design and cut for your project.

Bent Style with Hammer

King Post Truss & Purlins

King Post Truss & Rafters

Purlin System

Collar Tie System

Ridge Beam Frame