Custom Timber Frame Homes & Commercial Buildings

Signature Post & Beam, Inc. designs timber frames using the traditional joinery of the Old World craftsmen but with the contemporary efficiencies and accuracies only found with a computerized milling and joinery machine. Unless specifically requested, we do not use metal bolts and plates on our frames but only traditional joinery such as mortise and tenon, dovetails, laps, splines, etc. for our connections. Once the overall design of the home is completed we will design our timber frames using Cadworks software.  The Cadworks design is then interfaced with the milling and joinery machine to cut a precise frame.  Many advantages exist by cutting a frame using a milling and joinery machine versus cutting the frame by hand. One such advantage is in the efficient use of time to cut the frame. Once the frame is cut we do not have to pre-assemble the frame in the shop and then disassemble, thus we reduce the amount of labor involved in the frame cutting. Since our machine measures in metric standards, it produces tolerances in the frame's joinery that are much more precise. The final outcome of quicker cut times, lower labor costs and more refined joinery is a high quality timber frame at a more affordable price when compared to those cut by hand. 

We offer all of our customers many options to enhance, beautify and personalize their timber frames. A standard feature with all of our frames is to surface plane all four sides of every timber to produce a smooth frame surface. If you want to have more of a rustic look, we can provide timbers that are either rough sawn or replicate the look of hand-hewn timbers.  

There are numerous ways to personalize your timber frame.  The addition of gunstocks, chamfered edges, pendants, curved corner braces, alternating species of wood pegs or timber frame members, etc. are a few of those choices. Many artistic features can be added to your frame to make it unique for you and your family. 

The species of wood are as varied as the styles of frames. One of the best species of wood to use is Douglas Fir. This species of wood has excellent structural characteristics, minimal amount of checking, beautiful grain pattern and a reddish orange patina as it matures. Eastern White Pine is another great species of wood. It will have more checks when compared to Douglas Fir and will mellow to a yellow/honey color as it matures. We can also use other structurally sound varieties of wood such as White Fir, Larch, Cypress, and Oak. For an even more unque look we can also work with reclaimed timbers from the industrial forest. Reclaimed timbers are the structural timbers from old demolished buildings, trestles, dry docks, etc.  which are then re-sawn, planed and reused in a new timber frame structure. Often times the traces of the past show up in the original first growth timbers as unique patinas or markings.