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Signature Post and Beam, Inc. is a distributor of the high quality Hurd windows. Hurd is an excellent choice for all your construction needs.

Hurd Go GreenHurd carries standard size windows but can also create custom windows. With the varied types of wall enclosures and wall thicknesses, Hurd can match your jamb thickness to your specific needs . Hurd carries a large choice of wood species to match the wood species of your timber frame or the trim in your home. Many window manufacturers will only allow one wood choice but Hurd will let you mix your window woods throughout your window package. Not only can you select the right look on the interior of your windows but Hurd offers a wide array of colors for their extruded aluminum finish on the exterior, with an option for an anodized finish.

• Wood Species – Pine , White Oak, Cherry , Maple, Alder – clear or knotty, Mahogany, Red Oak, Douglas Fir, or Lyptus (This is the trade name of a wood made from a hybrid of two species of Eucalyptus. The two species are quick growing. Thus quick to harvest. Grown on plantations in Brazil, it is marketed as an environmentally friendly alternative to oak, cherry, and other wood species.)
• Aluminum exterior
• Anodized finish option

Hurd is well known for the energy efficiency of their frame design and glass package. A wide selection of energy and UV protection packages are available. They also carry the LowE366 Neat with Preserve that allows the window to be practically self cleaning! Having high quality, energy efficient windows and doors is equally important as having high R value insulated walls and roof system in your home.

Signature Post and Beam, Inc. strives to build as green as possible and we feel that Hurd helps us in this quest. Hurd treats all the wood in their windows with Coreguard.

CoreGuard is the best wood protection in the window industry. And only Hurd has it. CoreGuard actually penetrates through the entire cross section of wood; all the way to the very core of the wood. It contains three active fungicides, an insecticide, plus water repellents to provide complete protection against pests and rotting. Most importantly, only CoreGuard has a final, proprietary ingredient that goes completely through the wood for the ultimate in protection. CoreGuard is patent-pending and naturally organic, so it’s environmentally friendly. Since CoreGuard repels water, Hurd windows have superior dimensional stability against warping and swelling. We build our timber frames to last for generations and we want the windows to match this same quality.


Signature Post & Beam, Inc. can engrave text on various parts of your timber frame. It's a nice way to personalize your timber frame and make your mark that will last for generations.



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